Cool Style: How to Wear The New Trends Right

How to Master Cool Effortless style

Celebrities and bloggers have a certain knack for nailing cool, effortless style on a day to day basis that leaves us wanting to emulate that “I woke up like this” level of fashionable ease. So what do they know about style that helps them look so flawless? We’ve rounded up a few tips for looking your best while maintaining an easy and relaxed vibe.
Loose oversized pieces are a great start for a casual yet cool look. Drapy silhouettes create an effortless vibe with their relaxed fit and don’t care attitude. While wearing loose pieces head-to-toe can sometimes look enviously cool, it is generally safer to match a loose top with a more fitted bottom, or vice versa. A billowy ruffle sleeve top embraces the current ruffle trend with oversized sleeves that look best paired with skinny jeans and a sleek, color coordinated clutch. This easy combo creates a pulled-together look with minimal effort since the details and silhouette of the top have enough interest to turn heads yet it is an unfussy and comfortable outfit to wear. Sleek minimalistic accessories let the flouncy sleeves shine, keeping the tiered sleeve the focus of this effortless look.
If you opt to go more casual on top with a loose draped tee like these awesome one shoulder tees from Annabelle The Collection, you can accessorize your look with heeled booties and dainty jewelry to keep the look chic and still simple. Mixing a relaxed loose fit with a few slightly dressier accessories creates a look balanced somewhere in between casual and elegant. Sounds like the perfect combo, right?
Layering, layering, layering! No matter where you turn for fashion advice, layering is always a key element brought to the table to consider. Adding layers adds interest and dimension to your outfit and creates so many opportunities to play around with juxtapositions and variations. Layering also encourages mixing textures, like knit sweaters with suede and denim with silk. While we usually think about color and proportion while getting dressed one thing people often forget about is texture, and what a difference it makes. Adding a third piece to your top-and-bottom outfit can make all the difference, especially if it introduces a new textile into the mix. Plus, including one statement piece can add that cool factor that takes your look up a notch. A bold off the shoulder is sure to turn heads, or a bright pop of color can take the look from average to stunning.
Pick one or two top trends to work into each outfit, like spring 2017 top trends, the cold shoulder and off the shoulder styles. Don’t overdo it by trying too hard to be trendy, since the look can end up feeling forced and messy. Instead pick one or two trends that you can easily work into your personal style, and pair those pieces with easy classics and closet staples. For instance, the cold shoulder look is a popular style this year, so finding a top in the fabrics and colors that you like and wearing it with your favorite J brand jeans and ankle booties, or with a neutral colored skirt and a nude lipstick will create a look that is chic and never seems like it’s “trying too hard.” Pairing current trends with favorite classics keeps the look grounded and balanced for a foolproof fashion equation that works every time. Letting one or two current trends shine while backing them up with basic staples is a sure way to nail the effortless look.
To avoid an overdone look, stick to a defined color palette. Maintaining a monochrome color scheme throughout your look, or sticking to two main coordinating shades will help your outfits to feel put together. When in doubt, going with neutral shades like black, grey, white and beige can make a surprisingly chic ensemble and gives you more room to layer without having to worry about your colors matching. As long as the shades are in the same family, layer them on! Even when picking a bolder shade like a cobalt blue or pop of red, it’s best to keep your accessories in the same color family for an easy  coordinated outfit. Pairing a blue and white striped top with dark denim and chambray wedges pulls the look together in a unified color theme and exudes a sense of effortless know-how. Minimalism is often underrated and a simple less is more approach can go a long way towards curating your effortless style.
Denim is the ultimate cool and casual fabric that never goes out of style. While the cuts and washes come and go, adding denim to your outfit always helps to create a cool-girl vibe with a put together feel. Whether it’s jeans, denim shorts, or a denim top, adding one (or more) of these pieces to your outfit will raise the cool factor instantly. And, since denim goes with just about everything, it’s an easy way to keep your outfits relaxed without having to stress. It may seem obvious, but wearing denim adds so much to an outfit that we tend to take it for granted. Because denim tends to be a thick and stiffer fabric it balances perfectly with sleeker pieces to add just enough edge for a casual outfit with plenty of personality. Distressed denim brings an especially fresh element into your look that we see on all of our modern fashion icons that speaks to a carefree attitude and knack for flawless style. It’s one of our favorite ways to bring an effortless vibe into an outfit since it looks both chic, edgy, and relaxed at the same time.
The most important advice of all if you want to look effortless? Be comfortable! You won’t look cool or effortless if you’re uncomfortable in what you’re wearing. To truly pull of a great look, the wearer herself must be radiant and confident in her clothes. Only pick out pieces that are truly ‘you’ and that you can wear with pride, since they are the ones you will reach for over and over again. With those key pieces plus keeping these essential tips in mind you’re well on your way to looking effortlessly cool every day.